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Prayer Journals | Why I love them, and why you will too

One of my goals at the moment is to pray more. Praying is so essential to having an intimate relationship with God. At the moment we have a whole lot of time on our hands, and I think you can agree with me on the fact that we have a whole lot that we can pray for. So what better time than to seek him during this difficult period and pray! Prayer really changes everything, so it's really important that we use this extra time to give thanks for who he is and what he's doing, but also pray for the world and others around us.

One way that I've done this is by using a prayer journal. You may have never heard of this before, but I thought I'd introduce the concept to you and tell you a little more about it. A prayer journal very simply is a notebook where you write down your prayers; whether that's writing out your prayer in full exactly as you say it, or writing it down under bullet points.

I've kept a prayer journal since I was about 17, and in all honesty I've found it so useful. Here's some reasons why I love it so much....


I've always been an avid writer, so I absolutely love getting to write down my prayers. Personally for me, I find that writing comes so much more naturally and flows so much better. I also find that I can get very distracted from my own thoughts from time to time when praying, so getting to write them down means I can really focus and limit all interruptions whilst spending time with God.

Looking Back

I think possibly one of my favourite things about keeping a prayer journal is the fact that you can look back and read upon old entries. Upon writing this post, I actually read back my first proper prayer journal, the one I started when I was seventeen. That journal went through lots of different seasons of life with me, and it's so crazy to read back a few years later. Reading it back, it's such an encouragement. It can be very easy to forget what you pray about sometimes and when rereading you discover how God answered your prayers. Rereading my old entries made me realise how faithful God had been to my prayers; sometimes they were answered and sometimes they were met in a different way and I realised that God actually had a better plan. It's so amazing to look back on your prayers and just see the way the God had worked in those feelings and those situations. I find it a massive encouragement to see that God always listens, he is faithful, and he has a plan far greater than my understanding.


Prayer journals in some ways are very much like diaries. As a child, I actually kept diaries all the time. I wrote in them everyday because I got into the habit of doing so, and I must say that they are very interesting to read back on now! If you're thinking of starting a prayer journal, I highly recommend setting a specific time each day to do it. That time will be different for each person- depending on when works best for you! For me that's doing it in the evening before I go to sleep, after I've read the bible. But for you it may be a morning thing, depending on when you find best. But once you find that time, it easily is incorporated into a part of your daily schedule and becomes a habit.

"I'll Pray for You!"

How often do you say "I'll pray for you!" to someone and totally forget? Let's face it, we've all been there. I think for me using a prayer journal has helped me to remember to keep accountable to this.

Connecting with God

I don't know if many will relate to me on this one, but I know some of you will. For me, I've always loved writing. To me it's so free and I feel I can express the way that I feel or the way that I look at things best through this form of creativity. So for me, writing down my prayers is a great opportunity for me to sit and spend time with God. I find I connect with Him through it! I also love reading them out to Him after writing them, reaffirming all I've written.

Want to start a prayer journal? Here's how...

If you've read up until now and thought "where do I start?" let me tell you it's very easy! All you need is a notebook, a pen, and you're pretty much set to go. The notebook can be a super pretty one or just a blank one, whatever you like. For me I use one a little smaller than A4, just to allow me extra room to write.

Then you've got to decide how you'd like to do it. Maybe you're like me and like to just write your prayers out as if you're saying them aloud. Some like to make bullet points or notes. It's all about what you find works for you.

Pick a time each day to do it. Like I mentioned before, once you incorporate it into your daily routine then it becomes a habit. Maybe you're a morning person, maybe the evening works better for you. Maybe you even like doing it at midday. This will be different for everyone so just find a time that works for you.

I just want to leave you with this quote, which I found so encouraging:

"Remember your experiences with God. Write them down. Ponder them often. Treasure the in your heart. Trace His hand of faithfulness in your life. And make knowing and experiencing God more and more the highest goal of your faith journey."

- Lysa TerKeurst

God bless you all,

Grace xx

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