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Psalm 62:8

Today is just a short post, but this verse has really touched me recently and I wanted to share it! Recently, after a time of prayer, God implanted a specific verse on my heart. The verse was Psalm 62:8, and it reads;

' Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.'

To me, this is a verse of reassurance and a sense of comfort. Psalm 62:8 is the perfect reminder that in times of uncertainty, trusting in God is truly the best way. The scripture is also a reminder that we should give anything that is troubling us to Him, because as the verse says, 'God is our refuge'. The dictionary definition of the term 'refuge' is 'the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty', and I believe this definition perfectly describes our God. When we are with God, we are kept safe and sheltered; as even in the darkest days, he protects us. God brings us a sense of comfort through hardships and peace through every storm.  When we choose to put our trust in Him and pour out our hearts to Him, we don't have to be afraid. Because he is our strength, our protector, and our refuge. He hears our deepest heart cries, even if we can't even verbally communicate them. We belong to a God who knows our every emotion and our every thought! When we begin to let go of things that are harming us or hurting us, we can feel reassured in the fact that God is greater, and He is our saviour and our refuge. Because if God is for us, what can stand against us?

Originally posted on 19th June, 2016.

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