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Seek and you WILL find.

I don't know what your schedule looked like before this worldwide crisis happened. Perhaps like me you worked a full time job, or maybe you worked part time. Maybe you were a student who's confused about how this affects your grades, your exams, your future plans. Maybe you're self-employed, unemployed, freelancing or on maternity leave.

Whether this time is a dramatic change to your daily lifestyle or whether it's not too much of a contrast, I want you to know that this time away from our 'normal' can be seen as a blessing.

You may think I'm crazy for saying that, but I really do think this time away from our busy schedules can be as a good thing. It's a time to rest, relax, reconnect with family, friends, loved ones (of course within our own household or via phone, FaceTime etc. ). It's a time for us to do the stuff we've been meaning to do, or wanting to do, for a long time. To reflect, to take up new hobbies or reconnect with old ones. But I think the biggest thing, and the most important thing, that we can do during this time, is what I wish to talk to you about today- we can SEEK GOD.

Lots of us have all the time in the world right now. As our calendars are marked clean, our prior excuses of being "too busy"are gone- and now is not the time to form new ones. Those hours we're spending watching Netflix or Disney+, playing Animal Crossing, or scrolling for the fifth time of the day through our social media (preaching all of this to myself too!) can be used in a much better way.

The word says in Jeremiah 29:13:

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with your

whole heart."

- Jeremiah 29:13

I love that verse. Someone gave it to me in a time of prayer last year when I needed to hear it the most and it's stuck with me ever since. Particularly in the last few weeks, I've been reminding myself of it. Because in this time, it's the time to seek God. We have no excuses. Nothing holding us back. And this time isn't an easy time for lots of us. Maybe you're enjoying the sudden free schedule, or maybe you're feeling anxious, worried or scared about what's going on. What better time to seek him, so he can give you peace and fullness.


I love the clarity in Jeremiah 29:13. There's no "you may find me" or "if you try hard, you'll find me". I think we can sometimes think we have to be "perfect Christians" in order to be in the presence of God. We can write ourselves out of being in his company because we feel we don't measure up or maybe aren't holy enough- other people who "have it all together" can meet with God but it's different for you. And I just want you to know, that is so far from the truth. In this verse there is promise and truth. There's guarantee that when take the time to seek God, we will find him. In that verse there is no hesitation- when we seek, we find.

Wholeheartedly Seeking Him

Jeremiah 29:13 makes a guarantee that when we seek God we will find him, but it does make a point that we need to do it wholeheartedly. What does that look like?

Definition: "Wholeheartedly"-

'with complete sincerity and commitment.'

Seeking him wholeheartedly is seeking him with your whole heart. It's God being the biggest desire of your heart, above everything else. It's your heart being in a state of hunger, nothing else coming close to him. When we seek God, it should be coming from a place of desiring that closeness and intimacy with him.

How do we seek him?

If we want to seek God and be in his presence I think one of the best ways is by praying. Prayer is so powerful, but it's also essential to having an intimate and close relationship with God and unlocking his presence. I think you can agree with me that we have a lot of things we can be praying right now. So what better time to seek him and pray! Prayer changes things! And when we pray it's communicating with God. It's being open and honest about how we're feeling- whether that's incredible or not so good. Prayer brings us peace. We also get to thank him for how good he is and for all he has blessed us with.

I also highly encourage you to dig deeper into God's word during this time. I find that when I'm consistently in a habit of reading his word, life feels significantly better. If we want to hear from God, we need to read his word. He can speak to us in so many ways through the bible.

Seeking his presence is a two way relationship. In order for a relationship- whether romantic, a friendship or with a family member to thrive at it's best, it needs two participants who are both equally invested. One-sided relationships don't work. So with our relationship with God, it needs to be a two way thing- God will always be available for us and he will always be there. He wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you. But we need to extend out too, and make ourselves available for him. Because when we do, we get the joy of his presence.

In this time, you can chose to binge watch all the series. You can keep playing your video games or get lost in your work. You can make yourself busy or focus on the negative side of this situation. But in this time, I really truly encourage you to use it wisely. And by that, I mean in seeking God. Reaching out to him. Spending time with him. Being still in his presence. Reading his word, praying, worshipping him, getting to know him in a deeper way than before. Because that is precious time that is good for your soul.

The time we spend seeking Him is never wasted.


I hope this word is an encouragement for you today!

God bless,

Grace xx


PS: If you're a key worker during this time, I just want to say a massive thank you. Whether that's working directly within the NHS in the most crucial time of healthcare or whether that's a supermarket worker, policeman, fireman, carer, postman, delivery driver, teacher...anyone who is out there risking themselves to help're amazing. And you're in mine, and many others' prayers.

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