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I don’t know about you, but there is something so reassuring about the fact that at all times…God is with us. In the the joyous times, when we’re celebrating a new job, having fun with friends and life is going well, he’s there celebrating with us. But what about the times when things aren’t going so well? When we’re grieving, mourning a loss, facing difficult battles that we just can’t see a way out from. But the fact is…he’s still there with us. Cheering us on, encouraging us to continue running the race and taking our hand so we don’t have to walk this dark valley alone.

When we are going through more difficult times, I think it can be so easy to think that we’re alone in the struggles. I know for me personally, if I’m going through something I like to isolate myself a little bit. I keep it to myself, and would rather that people didn’t know about it. But the fact is, even when I do that…God still knows. He sees my heart, he sees the challenges that I face, and he is there with me. Not only that, but I believe God has placed people around us in our lives that will encourage us, support us and help fixate our eyes on Jesus in all circumstances.

I just want to share a quote I read recently that really touched me:

“When you hit hard times, when your weakness is exposed, be ready for the enemy to whisper in your ear “where is your God now?” and be ready to respond… “He is where he has been and ALWAYS will be- with me in power, glory and grace.” PAUL TRIPP

I wrote this quote on a sticky note a few years back, when I was going through a really difficult time. I remember when I read it for the first time, I just knew it was a way of God speaking to me. It related exactly to the situation I was going through, and it filled me with confidence; although I was going through a difficult storm, I wasn’t alone…no matter what the enemy tried to make me believe. God was there, as he had been all along, and he wasn’t going anywhere. Re-reading this again recently, when I needed it most, really reminded me of this simple truth again.

We belong to a perfect father. A father who doesn’t walk out when things get too difficult and leave us to figure it all out. No matter what mess we are in, how big or how bad, he will never leave our side and never stop loving us. He'll be with you to hold your hand and guide you, or maybe even carry you to the shore.

I don’t know where you are today in life. Maybe life is going really well and everything falling into place…and that’s amazing! Praise God, and know that he is with you celebrating! But maybe things are more difficult. Just please know, that you’re not alone. Scripture says:

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you…”- James 4:8

The enemy would love for you to believe that you’re alone in your struggles, but that is so far from the truth. Right in the midst of it all, God will come to be with you. Draw near to him in the storms you're facing, rest in him…know that he is with you and he goes before you.

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